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Whether you are already an experienced cannabis professional, still pursuing a route into this space, or have an interest in discovering more about the world of cannabis, there is always room to grow and learn something new.

We all know that the cannabis industry is an incredibly dynamic space where things can change seemingly overnight. It’s vital to understand the latest policies, medical findings and legal developments, as they can directly impact your business and those working in cannabis.

At Lumino, we work with brands around the globe and know just how important (and sometimes difficult!) it is to stay up to date on cannabis news.  

To grow this industry together, we need to stay informed and celebrate milestones and innovations while also preparing ourselves for inevitable sudden shifts.

There are a range of articles from professionals in the cannabis industry, offering their unique perspectives and insights from years of working in the space. If you are interested in featuring in our online content, please get in touch with us at

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