6 top tips that will transform your job descriptions


6 top tips that will transform your job descriptions

The team at Blume have shared 6 top tips to make writing your next job description a (socially distanced) walk in the park. If you missed last weeks “8 tips on recruiting from home” click here.

  1. Be transparent

Writing a knockout job description (JD) isn’t always easy, but it’s important you bear in mind what you’d want to know if you were starting a new role yourself. Being transparent and realistic in your JD can save a lot of hardship down the line. You need to make sure that your candidates will understand expectations and whether or not the role is relevant for them. The stronger the JD the better the pool of candidates.

2. Clearly define the duties and structure of the team

What do you expect them to have to deliver and take ownership of? What would be their main responsibilities and day to day tasks? You need to be very clear in your mind on where someone will fit into the organisation. Who will they report to? Who will they work with?

3. Include technical and cultural requirements

Include the specific skills that this role requires as well as the technology, and that will be used. Personal attributes can also be included, for example, if it is a leadership role you need to hire for you could include that you are looking for a candidate that is motivating, enthusiastic with very strong interpersonal skills.

4. Communicate who your company is and its values

Once you’ve got the key bits of information down, think about how you can best explain your company. You can consider this as your company’s very own dating profile. You don’t want to catfish, but you do want to be as upfront as possible when communicating who your company (you) really is (are), and what your ideal candidate metaphorically looks like. As with dating profiles, it’s also important to be realistic on expectations around the caliber of applicant you’d like vs what you’re offering. Key points to consider:

  • Your company’s mission statement/what do you exist for?
  • Your company’s core values/what do you believe in?
  • Your company vision/how do you see the world, how can your company better it?

Please feel free to use the above interchangeably between writing dating profiles and company profiles.

5. Don’t forget to include these essential points

  • Salary banding
  • Minimum qualifications required
  • Years’ experience in a similar role required
  • Desired starting date (don’t forget people can have notice periods of 3+ months)

6. Don’t cast the net too wide

Getting this part right can save you having to trawl through endless profiles if you cast the net too wide. It can also stop you getting any applicants if you’re being unrealistic or if the role/company doesn’t sound desirable. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the response you want when you first post your JD, you can always edit it. For information on how to best advertise your role, we’ll be releasing the next guide in a few days. If

From experience, Blume can appreciate that all of the things to consider when getting a recruitment process right can be complex and time-consuming. If you have more questions on how to get the right candidates for your role, please do reach out, we’re happy to share our experiences (details below).

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