Cannabis Events Round-Up: GreenTech, CB Club & Mary Jane


At Lumino, our mission is to cultivate a sustainable and thriving cannabis industry, enabling our clients to achieve their business goals by finding the right talent that aligns with their vision and values. Part of achieving this means keeping up to date of industry trends and changes by visiting major cannabis events across the globe. Recently, our team attended GreenTech in Amsterdam and the CB Club and Mary Jane events in Berlin. Here’s what we learned and how these insights impact our approach to supporting the cannabis industry.

Regulatory Challenges and Market Opportunities at Amsterdam’s GreenTech

This year’s GreenTech in Amsterdam presented a unique set of challenges. As stakeholders in the horticultural and cannabis sectors, we saw a noticeable impact from local regulatory decisions—specifically, restrictions around the usage of the word “cannabis” at the event. This limitation, driven by the local police who are part of the municipality owning a stake in GreenTech, resulted in a reduced presence of cannabis-focused exhibitors and attendees. This shift not only affects the immediate business environment but also signals a broader concern as the Netherlands, a country renowned for its progressive drug policies, seems to be taking a step back just as other nations are stepping forward.

As stakeholders in the horticultural and cannabis sectors, we observed a noticeable impact from local regulatory decisions.

Growth and Enthusiasm at CB Club and Mary Jane Berlin

In comparison to Amsterdam, the atmosphere in Berlin during the CB Club and Mary Jane events was noticeably different. Germany’s recent legislative changes have injected new life into the cannabis market. The events were buzzing with activity, highlighting the growing acceptance and excitement around cannabis within Germany. The discussions focused not just on current market dynamics but also on future opportunities for both medical and recreational cannabis sectors. Taking part in panels and networking at these events gave us valuable insights into the evolving landscape, informing our future strategic advisory services to clients looking to enter or expand in the German market.

Retail Transformations and Cultural Dynamics

We also saw another fascinating trend, particularly in Amsterdam, involving the transformation of the traditional coffee shop model. Coffeeshops have historically operated on the fringes of legality, but are now becoming prime targets for acquisition by more structured, investment-savvy entities. This shift is shows a broader maturation within the industry as it moves from an informal to a regulated market. Understanding these transitions is crucial for us at Lumino as we help our clients navigate the complexities of staffing and operations in a rapidly professionalising space.

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Ethical Practices

Despite the positive developments, challenges remain. Unfortunately, the incident at Mary Jane where hospitalisations occurred due to synthetic cannabinoid use highlights the urgent need for responsible business practices and stricter regulatory compliance. At Lumino, we advocate for ethical practices across the board—not just in how products are marketed and consumed but also in how businesses operate and integrate into local communities.

Despite the positive developments, challenges remain.


As Lumino continues to support growth and development in the cannabis industry, insights gained from events like GreenTech, CB Club, and Mary Jane are invaluable. They help us ensure that our approach to recruitment and consultation not only meets the current needs of our clients but also anticipates future trends and challenges. The industry is at a critical juncture, and we are committed to guiding our partners through these changes with informed, strategic, and ethical practices.

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