Cannabis News & Insights 2024 (Feb)

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In this rapidly changing industry, adaptability is key. It is crucial to stay updated, embrace innovation, and be ready for the dynamic shifts. That is why we are sharing a series of regular cannabis insights, bringing you a concise round-up of the latest cannabis news. Our insights are designed to cut through the smoke and provide a succinct summary of movements within the cannabis space and beyond.

Read on for our unbiased insights of recent canna news, and don’t forget to check out our list of unmissable cannabis events to add to your calendar.

Cannabis News Round Up
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Malta’s First Legal Cannabis Club Begins Operating

In a historic move, Malta has opened its first legal cannabis club, pioneering within the EU. Ensuring regulated access, the club strictly distributes cannabis to its members, implementing purchase limits for responsible consumption. This marks a pivotal step in Malta’s cannabis regulation, influencing other European nations. Check out the full article for more info.

Bayer Pays $2.25 Billion After Using Roundup

In a significant legal development, Bayer has paid $2.25 billion in response to claims linking Roundup to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This payout is part of a broader series of lawsuits challenging the safety of Roundup. While Bayer disputes the verdict, it emphasises regulatory support for Roundup’s safety on a global scale, contributing to the ongoing debate about its safety.

UK Government Bans Disposable Vapes

The UK government has implemented a crucial youth protection measure by banning disposable vapes, aiming to reduce youth vaping. This move also involves enhanced restrictions on vape flavours and packaging to deter appeal to children. With a dual focus on public health concerns and the environmental impact of vape waste, these regulations mark a significant step in safeguarding both the younger generation and the environment.

Czechia’s Potential New Cannabis Laws

Czechia is considering a significant regulatory reform that may introduce a regulated cannabis market, allowing for recreational use and personal cultivation. The proposal also includes the introduction of cannabis clubs to facilitate controlled consumption. With growing public and political support from various factions, this marks a potential shift towards cannabis legalisation in the country.

Asia’s Legal Agenda 2023: Cannabis/CBD Control

The legal landscape for cannabis and CBD is undergoing notable shifts in Asia in 2023, particularly in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan. These changes reflect diverse regulatory approaches to cannabis legislation across the region. Beyond legal nuances, the discussion delves into the broader implications of these shifts on rights and public health within Asian societies. Read more on TIME.

German Cannabis Legalisation Coalition Agreement

Germany takes a significant step toward cannabis legalisation as coalition factions reach an agreement on legislative progress. This marks a crucial development in the country’s ongoing efforts to shape cannabis policy. Now, attention turns to the response from wider legislative bodies and the public, anticipating their reactions to this noteworthy advancement. Read more on Zeit.

Thailand: Is the Ban Coming?

CEO of Thai Stick Co, Rehan Mehta discusses the evolving dynamics of Thailand’s cannabis industry and sheds light on the government’s regulatory approach and his optimistic outlook for the future. Discover how Thailand aims to professionalize and grow the industry responsibly, with the ambition of becoming internationally recognised for top-quality cannabis. Read the full article here.

That was our round-up of the latest cannabis news from across the globe. With an increasing number of active markets, and ever-evolving policies and regulations, it’s essential to stay in the loop. With our regular updates, you can! Keep an eye out for more cannabis insights from Lumino.

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