Dutch Coffeeshop Experiment


Building teams for the Dutch Coffeeshop Experiment, in which the Dutch government is trying to evaluate the affects of closing “the back door” (coffee shops are allowed to sell cannabis, but the cultivation and import of cannabis is strictly forbidden, which has created a obvious incentive and evidential tolerance by law enforcement for illegal cultivation). The 4 year experiment will grant 10 licence holders to grow and sell recreational cannabis to a selected pool of Coffeeshops in the Netherlands. Out of over 450 applications, the top 40 were selected based on their application and the 10 licences were selected through the means of a lottery.

We were approached by two companies, 4 weeks before the deadline of the license application, who needed a team to structure, write the application and execute after the licence was obtained.

Lumino Service

  • Deep dive into the experiment, application procedure, technical and regulatory requirements
  • Understand current team and resources, in order to define gaps and needs
  • Placed Director of Cultivation, Head of Quality and technical staff
  • Introduced Consultancy partner that lead on content creation and structure for the application
  • Introduced Construction partner for the build of a state of the art indoor cultivation facility
  • Introduced investors

Result of working with Lumino

  • Both of our clients handed in complete application, which included a team with a demonstrated track record, full SOP’s on GACP cultivation & GMP post harvest, full facility design and security plan etc.
  • Both Our clients got selected for the top 40 and one of our clients was granted 1 of 10 cultivation Licences
  • All governmental and security checks have been cleared
  • Extra funding has been secured
  • Construction is set to begin in June 2022
  • After all governmental due diligence procedures were approved, we started new processes and are currently in final stages on placing c-suite roles, as well as quality and cultivation staff
  • Aug 2020 - Present
  • Recreational Licensed Producer (Coffeeshop Experiment), Netherlands