Germany Legalises Cannabis: What You Need to Know

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Germany has legalised adult-use cannabis! But what does this actually mean? We’ve outlined the key facts below. On April 1, 2024, Germany will mark a historic milestone as it decriminalises limited cannabis possession, following the successful clearance of its final parliamentary hurdle at the Bundesrat. 

Private Cultivation


Adults will be able to cultivate up to three cannabis plants for personal use.

Possession Limits


The legislation allows adults to carry up to 25 grams of cannabis in public spaces, with an extension to 50 grams within the confines of private residences.

Establishment of Cannabis Clubs


From July 1, cannabis clubs will be able to be established. These clubs, limited to 500 members each, will facilitate communal cultivation and consumption within regulated parameters. Membership in multiple clubs won’t be allowed. Individuals will be allowed to buy up to 25 grams per day, or a maximum 50 grams per month — a figure limited to 30 grams for under-21s. 

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Distribution and Regulation as Germany Legalises Cannabis for Adult Use


Non-commercial cultivation associations will play a pivotal role in distributing cannabis to adult members, ensuring responsible consumption through stringent quantity restrictions. State regulation will oversee the establishment and operation of these associations, striking a balance between accessibility and control. The act also imposes a ban on cannabis advertising, and restricts co-distribution with alcohol or other stimulants.

Public Consumption Restrictions


Stringent regulations will govern public consumption, with designated no-go areas particularly in proximity to minors and public institutions. Additionally, the Federal Non-Smoker Protection Act will extend to include tobacco heaters, e-cigarettes, and cannabis-related products.

Quality and Safety Controls


Licensed cultivation and state-monitored distribution channels will prioritise consumer safety and product quality, to provide safe and reliable cannabis products to consumers as Germany legalises cannabis for adult-use. 

While cannabis possession and cultivation are set to be legalized for adults, stringent regulations will govern its sale and distribution.

Prevention and Education Initiatives


The legislation emphasises the expansion of prevention and education initiatives, with increased services from the Federal Center for Health Education and specialised counselling services as Germany legalises cannabis. This investment in public health aims to promote informed consumption practices and mitigate potential risks associated with cannabis use.

Amnesty for Cannabis-Related Offences


The new law includes provisions for an amnesty on cannabis-related offences that will no longer be illegal under the revised legislation. This initiative seeks to alleviate the burden on the judicial system and provide relief to affected individuals.

Medical Cannabis Provision


While recreational cannabis is decriminalised, medical cannabis will still be available for patients under prescription. The removal of cannabis from the narcotic list aims to streamline the prescription process for physicians, pharmacists, and patients, ensuring continued access to therapeutic cannabis products.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming insights as we delve deeper and go Behind the Headline, to find out what this means for those of us in the cannabis industry.

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