Breeding Program – UK

Project / Client 

Our client is a licensed Producer based in England, that has currently been rewarded with licence that allows them to stabilise of 65 cannabis genetics with over 0.2% THC. Following this success and preparing for the Commercial cultivation Licence to be granted, our client where looking for a head of plant science and cultivation team with specific cannabis plant knowledge.

Lumino Work 

  • Understand current team, timeline, licensing procedure, mile stones and gaps in talent
  • Define and prioritise needed talent and requirements
  • Sourcing, validation and delivery of candidates in 2 weeks
  • End to end candidate management

Result of working with Lumino

  • Found a Head of plant science with over 5 years experience in large scale commercial cannabis production experience from Canada, who holds a PhD in Plant science, and was willing to relocate for a science based role such as this
  • The new Head of Plant Science’s vast experience in cultivation also elevated the need of finding a head grower with specific plant knowledge – allowing for a strong and motivated agronomist with only one year experience with the cannabis plant to full there needs at a lower cost
  • Head of Plant Science was able to bring vast about of value in his first month, by improving floor plant, equipment and SOP’s, build and improved genetics library, as well as objectives and targets of the breeding program and target consumers, and developed facility designs, floor plants and SOP’s for commercial cultivation licences
  • March 2022
  • Breeding & LP in the UK