Plant Starting Materials, Netherlands

Project / Client

With over 40 years of biogenetics experience in the global tissue culture industry, Our client currently produces over 30 million plant & tissue culture products per year for over 100 customers.

Strong background and ambition to expand their starting material for medical plants and have been developing their cannabis vertical for the past 2 years and were looking to develop their cannabis cultivation and sales teams.

Lumino Service 

  • Reviewed current team and resources, Vision and Mission
  • Defined goals and milestones, gaps in the talent and timeline of need
  • Placed: Agricultural Director, Head of Cannabis Cultivation, Business Development Manager, Technical Sales & Customer Relations

Result/achievements of working with Lumino 

  • After 3 cannabis specific hires, Lumino was asked to hire the business’s Agricultural Director, responsible for the entire business spanning 150 crops. We placed their “perfect fit” with in 3 weeks, who had a smooth transition and is still with the company today
  • The Sales Manager placement, had existing relations with Cannabis Licensed Producers across Europe, was familiar with industry and intimately understood the cultivators needs, resulting in a significant increase in touch points and sales with the companies target audience with in the first 4 weeks and beyond
  • Technical Sales & Customer Relations placement, has a strong scientific and sales background, where he developed long lasting relationships with cultivators, agronomists and genetic suppliers, which allowed him to onboard some of the largest and most sort after seed banks and geneticists with in the first 4 weeks of startin. These genetics are now being developed into tissue culture
  • Master Grower placement, had 7 + years experience in running large scale cannabis Greenhouse facilities, as well as structuring and running R&D programs, which lead to a improvement in the current cannabis facility and equipment, significant improvement in their integrated pest management, the stability of the crop and yield
  • Nov 2022
  • Tissue Culture, The Netherlands