Blume Jobs to Lumino

Be like a flower,
survive the rain but use it to grow.

We’re excited to share our revitalised brand identity!

Over the years we have grown and evolved, driven by values and principles that have allowed our bootstrapped company to carve out a strong identity within the industry. Naturally with evolution comes change, this time in the form of a brand-new name to represent us, Lumino.


While our name has changed, our core values and beliefs remain the same. The soul of Lumino is the same as it has been before. At Lumino, we have been empowered by our growth in the past years, and an overwhelming sense of kinship shared by kindred spirits throughout our team. Our new brand identity will support our continued growth in Europe.


Our vision remains what it has always been, to cultivate Europe’s cannabis industry by supporting companies with an ethical long-term strategy in order to shape the industry for the better.


In the spirit of evolution, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to our customers and provide boutique-levels of attention and care, rich and ongoing open communication and a level of professionalism that will put your mind at ease throughout the most difficult transitions and growth spurts.


As Lumino, we want to sincerely offer our gratitude for your unwavering trust in our services, for your friendship, and for your business. We are extremely excited for everything that yet lies ahead of us, and to continue to serve our customers with near obsessive levels of care and attention.