SUCHEN SIE NACH PERSONAL IN DER CANNABISBRANCHE? Wir arbeiten mit Unternehmen in der Cannabisbranche zusammen, um ihnen zu helfen, die richtigen Mitarbeiter zu finden, um ihre Ziele zu erreichen. Talent Suche Job-Suche


HR-Spezialist für die Cannabis-Industrie


Recruitment & headhunting focused on finding the people that are right for your company’s vision and values. Finding the right person is about aligning expertise, values, attitude, and culture.


Dank unserer Branchenerfahrung und unseres Netzwerks von Fachleuten sind wir in der Lage, unsere Kunden fachkundig darüber zu beraten, welches Humankapital Ihr Unternehmen tatsächlich für den Erfolg benötigt.


Viele Kandidaten betreten die Branche zum ersten Mal. Wir stellen sicher, dass wir unsere Kandidaten mit Wissen und einem relevanten Netzwerk ausstatten, um ihnen den Einstieg zu erleichtern und Ihrem Unternehmen auf die Sprünge zu helfen.


Wir arbeiten nur mit den Unternehmen zusammen, deren Erfolg wir sehen wollen. Wir haben ein Ökosystem von Unternehmen und Menschen aus der gesamten Branche entwickelt, die zusammenarbeiten. Die Unternehmen, mit denen wir zusammenarbeiten, profitieren von unserem branchenweiten Netzwerk, um ihnen zum Erfolg zu verhelfen.


Von uns vermittelte Fachkräfte

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Pflanzenseite - Anbau und Extraktion
Head of Production | Master Grower | Head Grower | Agronomist | GACP & GMP | QP | Plant Science | Extraction Technician | Chemist | Manufacturing Manager | QA | QC
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Kommerziell - Marketing & Verkauf
CEO, CMO, CSO | Managing Director | Head of Sales | Marketing Managers | Business Development Mangers | Project Manager | Sales Representatives | Executive Assistants
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Medizinisch - Klinisch & Pharmazeutisch
Chief Medical Officer, Medizinischer Direktor, Klinikmanager, Facharzt, Medizinisch-wissenschaftliche Liasion, Medizinische Vertriebsmitarbeiter, Forschungsanalyst
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Was die Leute über uns sagen

Have worked very closely with AJ for a number of weeks to find our UK company 2 sales representatives for ATAMI in the USA.Now I have worked with many recruiters before, but it was never like this. I’ve never had a set of absolutely top candidates like this. Never experienced support like this from beginning to end. Constant follow-up, constant engagement and genuinely good advice about the candidates, about the way of working, contracts, salaries, expenses, the lot. The engagement went much further than just finding the candidates. It also included linking me up with the right partners to set up what’s needed to onboard and ‘operate’ staff in the USA as a UK-based company. AJ thought along, contributed and helped me out every step of the process. Absolutely brilliant. Fast paced in the most positive way possible, genuinely caring and very high quality. A very big thanks!
bram de bront
Bram de Bront
Lumino and its Team are a really good reality that cares about adding value to the companies they work with! AJ was available whenever I needed him, he took care to provide me with all the information and details I needed. He followed me through the recruitment process without hesitation, always available to answer my questions! He was really my point of reference in everything and gave me the opportunity to change my life and work for a company I already love! I recommend Lumino to everyone and if you have the pleasure of being followed by AJ send my best regards! Good luck to all!
Barbara Cammera
Excellent service! The contact with Lumino has been nothing short of brilliant and professional. Ellen is a very intuitive, skilled communicator.
Azra Pizovic
Lumino has been a leader in recruitment in the cannabis space for a few years. Ellen placed me after diligent searching for my dream role and made it happen with ease, precision, and professional execution of the process. I highly recommend using Lumino, and Ellen for your recruitment or recruiter needs. A class act in the industry.
Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 17.10.01
Heidi Whitman
It is my pleasure to recommend Ellen (Lumino) for a five-star recruitment process. Ellen is highly professional and also shows a great personal interest in the candidate she I working with. Ellen has excellent communication skills, schedule meetings, follow up, provide feedback, and are always reachable during the process. So thank you Ellen for having faith in me and guiding me through the process, to what hopefully will be my dream position within the cannabis industry.
Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 17.05.53
Rikke Klitgaard Hermann
As a small business with huge growth potential and tight margins, it was important to find not only a candidate with the unique blend of skills required, but also the right personality and to do so on a tight budget.AJ was quick to share candidates that met the brief perfectly and provided perspective from an industry POV. Professional, efficient and easy to work with, he's made his life hard because I now need another candidate of a similar calibre and he has set the bar very high with the first placement.Lumino will be our first choice for recruitment in this space.
Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 17.00.00
Matthew Clifton
Excellent service. Friendly, approachable and very well connected to opportunities in the space. If you’re looking to get into the industry you need to speak to these guys
Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 16.55.13
Anuj Desai
AJ is a focused professional who understands the cannabis market. Able to unearth and build relationships with skilled operators, and knows what it takes to succeed in this industry. Throughout the recruitment process, AJ and his team were outstanding and facilitated great communication with their clients.The cannabis industry is in certain need of the outstanding recruitment services offered by Lumino.
Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 16.51.50
Fares Hassouna
Lumino has provided an excellent service. Ellen was reachable every second of the process and informed me instantly and regularly about each step we have taken. Many thanks for that and no wonder that I‘m very pleased with my new career opportunity in CNS/Cannabis business. Well done!
Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 16.48.42
Oliver Schröder
It is rare to find recruitment that strives to align your virtues with that of an employer. Still rarer to have one that is interested in building professional relationships that go beyond a given contract. Lumino is nothing short of the finest agency that I've had the pleasure of being a candidate for.Nikita in particular helped navigate a seemingly impossible transition to a dream role: COVID and the conflict in Ukraine were serious barriers to entry. He was steadfast in answering my many calls despite the timezone differences. Better yet, he treated me with grace and humility acting as an experienced professional in the cannabis industry.I write this review a few months into that dream position - couldn't be happier.
Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 16.42.34
Dr. Nigel Gale
Lumino did a great job in finding some senior key positions for my team. Their network, drive, resourcefulness and tenacity make them great recruiters. They quickly grasps the need of their clients and manage the entire process in a very professional and pleasant way.
Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 12.44.23
Harry Wildschut
We made numerous hires which was down to AJ (Senior Recruiter) understanding our requirements and offering all round great service. Absolutely will be using Lumino for our future hires and would recommend them to any company looking for quality talent. Once again, thank you.
Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 17.08.32
Yaseen Akhtar
When they first approached me as a candidate, I felt that they really wanted to know me. They asked the right questions in a very casual way, so I did not feel under scrutiny. They know what they are talking about and they only absorb more knowledge each day thanks to the way they communicate and network. Lumino absolutely walks the walk, cannot recommend them enough!
Screenshot 2020-10-09 at 18.58.50
Isabel Alber
Lumino war ein unglaublicher Gewinn für die Entwicklung unserer Firma. Jede einzelne Person, die uns von ihnen vorgestellt wurde, war ein Gewinn. Ich schätze unsere Beziehung mit der ersten Personalagentur in der EU, die sich auf die legale Cannabisindustrie spezialisiert hat, sehr und empfehle ihre Dienste wärmstens.
Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 02.45.30
Benjamin-alexandre Jeanroy
Lumino conducted themselves with enthusiasm, understanding, and professionalism. I was very appreciative of the effort provided; including due diligence, qualification of candidates, and providing a personal perspective of how candidates lined up to our objectives. You never lost focus on understanding who we are as a company and the type of candidate that we were looking for.  A true business partner.
Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 16.23.56
Rod Karasiuk
Die Zusammenarbeit mit Lumino ist eine einwandfreie und zweckmäßige Erfahrung. Sie sind sehr gut vernetzt und geben sich alle Mühe, den Kunden zufrieden zu stellen. Leute, die in die Branche einsteigen wollen, sind bei ihnen in sehr guten Händen. Ich freue mich auf eine langfristige Zusammenarbeit.
Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 03.20.43
Benjamin Köhler

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