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The Global Green Map: Countries Where Cannabis is Legal

As the green wave of cannabis legalisation sweeps across the globe, keeping up with countries where cannabis is legal can be a challenge. The cannabis industry is dynamic and fast-moving, with constant changes in regulation and unexpected U-turns. This article offers an overview of the legalisation status of cannabis across the globe, reflecting both the economic and societal shifts that shape global markets, to help you stay in the loop. Looking for a comprehensive list of all countries where cannabis is legal? Scroll to the bottom of this page! North America: Leading the Charge   In North America, Canada stands out as a pioneer, having legalised cannabis for both medical and recreational use in 2018. This makes Canada one of the few countries with a federally regulated marijuana market, serving as a model for other nations considering similar paths. The United States, while not federally legalising cannabis, has seen a significant number of states decriminalise or legalise, either for medical or recreational use. States like California, Colorado, and Massachusetts have robust cannabis industries thanks to their progressive policies. This state-level approach offers diverse business opportunities but can somewhat complicate the landscape for nationwide strategies. There is a lot to learn from how the US cannabis industry has grown, taking into account both the successes and challenges they have encountered in embracing an emerging and dynamic industry. Central and South America: Progressive Policies in Play   Uruguay is notable for being the first country globally to fully legalise recreational cannabis in 2013. This small South American country has established a regulated market that includes government control over the production and sale of cannabis. In addition to Uruguay, other Latin American countries are also reforming their cannabis policies. Mexico, for example, has legalised cannabis for medical use and is on the path to legalising recreationally, which could unlock a large new market. Europe: A Cautious Yet Expanding Frontier   Europe’s cannabis policy is characterised by a cautious yet forward-moving approach, with growing acceptance from both the public and governments across the continent. Countries like the Netherlands have long tolerated the sale of cannabis in coffee shops and are now moving towards a regulated cultivation system to control the supply chain better, with the introduction of the Dutch cultivation pilot project. In the past year, Europe has also seen the approval of an adult-use cannabis pilot project in Switzerland, a proposed legalisation bill in the Czech Republic, the legalisation of prescription cannabis for medical use in Greece, and Malta’s first cannabis social club. Not to mention the biggest news of all, Germany’s quasi-legalisation of cannabis for recreational use, which has sent shockwaves across Europe and beyond. With the dynamic nature of cannabis regulation, we can expect more big updates across Europe as markets continue to expand. Asia and Oceania: Emerging Markets and Diverse Approaches   Thailand recently made headlines by becoming the first Asian country to decriminalise and allow the cultivation and consumption of cannabis, setting a precedent in a region that has traditionally maintained strict anti-cannabis laws. There is some noise regarding a possible U-turn in Thailand’s policy, although the reality of this remains yet to be seen. Elsewhere in Asia, Pakistan has been making positive progress with their approach to cannabis. Although illegal recreationally, extracts of cannabis have been legal for industrial and medical purposes since 2020 and as of 2024, Pakistan has launched a regulatory body for cannabis trade to fuel economic growth. Additionally, there have been positive movements occurring in Japan, with their parliament passing a bill to legalise cannabis-derived medicines. Australia has legalised medical cannabis and is seeing progressive reforms at the state and territory level concerning recreational cannabis, particularly with recent changes in places like the Australian Capital Territory. In 2023, the Legalising Cannabis Bill 2023 was introduced into the Australian senate, aiming to federally legalise cannabis for recreational use, including growing and supply. Africa: The New Frontier   In Africa, the legal status of cannabis varies, but several countries are embracing its economic potential. Lesotho and Zimbabwe have legalised the cultivation of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes and are both nations that have strong potential for the future of commoditized cannabis, having proven routes to market with shipments already having landed in Germany. South Africa allows private cultivation and consumption following a landmark court ruling. Medical cannabis is also legal in South Africa where patients need a prescription from a licensed doctor. The revenue for the medical cannabis market is estimated to reach around US$55.96m in 2024 and is expected to keep growing over the next 5 years. Private-member social clubs are common in South Africa, although they still operate in a legal grey area. Conclusion   The global legal landscape for cannabis is ever-evolving, with an increasing number of countries relaxing restrictions and developing regulated markets. For those involved in the cannabis industry, these developments highlight the importance of staying updated on the status of legalisation across the world, as each day can bring something new. This knowledge is crucial not only for compliance but also for tapping into emerging markets and understanding global trends. The trend towards legalisation is not just about societal acceptance but also economic benefit, as new jobs are created and new markets are opened. As more countries join the ranks of those where cannabis is legal, the opportunities for growth in the cannabis industry look increasingly promising. Countries Where Cannabis is Legal   Recreational Use: Canada Georgia Germany Luxembourg Malta Mexico South Africa Thailand Uruguay + 24 states, 3 territories, and the District of Columbia in the US, and the Australian Capital Territory in Australia. Medical Use: Albania Argentina Australia Barbados Brazil Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Finland Georgia Germany Greece Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Lebanon Luxembourg Malawi Malta Mexico The Netherlands New Zealand North Macedonia Norway Panama Peru Poland Portugal Rwanda Saint Vincent and the Grenadines San Marino South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Switzerland Thailand Ukraine UK Uruguay Vanuatu Zambia Zimbabwe + 38 states, 4 territories, and the District of Columbia in the US. Check out our recent blogs and never miss the latest industry updates and insights by subscribing to The Lumino Newsletter.

Interview Preparation: Top Tips for Success

When it comes to interview preparation, there are many things that might run through your mind. We all know the nerves that come with crafting your CV and hitting the ‘submit’ button on job applications. But stepping into a job interview? That can be a whole new level of anxiety! It’s like meeting new people, putting your best foot forward, and facing a barrage of questions about what you know and who you are. And all the while, you’ve got to stay relaxed, composed, and clear. It’s a tough challenge, no doubt about it. But fear not! We’ve got some tips to help you sail through your interview preparation, feel less stressed, and walk in feeling confident and ready. 1. Research the Company Before anything else, dig into the company’s backstory, values, and vibe. Knowing the ins and outs will prep you for those inevitable questions like “Why do you want to work here?” or “What do you know about us?” Dive into their website, stalk their socials, and maybe even peek at your interviewers’ LinkedIn profiles for some extra insight. It’s important to remember that hiring is a mutual process, so take time to research and make sure they are indeed the right company for you. 2. Know Your CV Take a good look at the job description and your CV side by side. Highlight the bits that match up – your skills, experiences, and qualifications. Your CV is your ticket to the interview, so make sure you’re ready to talk about every part of it. 3. Practice Answers and Prep Questions Get ready for the classics – strengths, weaknesses, why you’re leaving your current gig, what you bring to the table, and where you see yourself in the future. Practice your answers, jot them down, and maybe even give ’em a whirl with a friend. And don’t forget to have a few smart questions up your sleeve to ask your interviewers – it shows you’re interested and engaged. 4. Use the STAR Technique When it comes to answering questions, think STAR – Situation, Task, Action, Result. Tell stories that illustrate your skills and accomplishments, and make sure they’re clear, concise, and to the point. 5. Take Your Time and Listen It’s easy to get caught up in nerves and rush your answers. Take a breath, listen carefully to the questions, and take your time with your responses. Make sure you’re actually answering what they’re asking – quality over quantity, always. An often neglected part of interview preparation is practicing calmness. For example, good breathing techniques can help you to remain calm before your interview begins, ensuring you’re in the best headspace possible. 6. Make a Connection Remember, your interviewer is a human too! Start off with a smile, keep that eye contact steady, and maybe even break the ice with some small talk. It’ll help ease those nerves and show you’re not just a robot spouting rehearsed answers. Nowadays, more than ever, employers want to hire somebody they know they can work well with. Skills can be taught, a good attitude and genuine passion cannot! 7. Follow-Up After the Interview Once it’s all said and done, don’t forget to send a quick thank-you email. It’s a nice touch and shows you appreciate the opportunity. Plus, it’s a chance to throw in any extra bits you forgot to mention during the interview. 8. Be Yourself and Enjoy the Experience Last but not least, just be yourself! Relax, enjoy the conversation, and let your personality shine through. After all, finding the right fit goes both ways – it’s about you finding the right role just as much as it is about them finding the right candidate. Navigating job interviews can be a bit of a rollercoaster, especially in today’s virtual world. But with a little prep and a positive attitude, you’ll be ready to tackle anything that comes your way. And hey, if you ever need a helping hand along the way, we’re always here to lend some support! For more content relating to the cannabis industry and top recruitment tips, check out our recent blogs and never miss the latest industry updates and insights by subscribing to The Lumino Newsletter.

How is Medical Cannabis Working in Practice?

Lumino are honoured to sponsor The Cannabis Conversation podcast, hosted by Anuj Desai. Over the years, we have had wonderful guests who offer a range of invaluable insights from decades of experience within the cannabis industry, from medical cannabis to recreational and beyond. We will be regularly sharing summaries of our favourite episodes to share the golden nuggets of information that each guest has had to offer. In today’s episode, we had the privilege of speaking with Franjo Grotenhermen, a medical cannabis patient, doctor, and chairperson at the International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM). Franjo shared his remarkable journey and extensive experience in the medical cannabis space, shedding light on various aspects of cannabis research, usage, and challenges. A Journey of Discovery and Advocacy Franjo’s journey into the realm of medical cannabis began unexpectedly over three decades ago when he fell severely ill, prompting him to explore alternative treatment options. In 1993, he stumbled upon the emerging field of cannabis medicine, inspired by the scientific studies demonstrating the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids. Despite initial skepticism, Franjo immersed himself in the study of cannabis and became a passionate advocate for its medical applications. Founding the International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines Driven by a newfound purpose, Franjo co-founded the Association for Cannabis Medicine in Germany in 1997 and later played a pivotal role in establishing the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM) in 2000. Through these organisations, Franjo sought to bridge the gap between scientific research and medical practice, advocating for patient access to cannabis-based therapies worldwide. Navigating the Cannabis Dilemma Throughout his career, Franjo has encountered what he terms the “cannabis dilemma.” This dilemma revolves around the tension between the widespread accessibility of cannabis as a natural plant and the regulatory challenges posed by its classification as a controlled substance. Governments grapple with balancing patient needs with regulatory frameworks, highlighting the complexities inherent in cannabis legalisation and medical use. The Complexity of Cannabis Research Franjo emphasised the multifaceted nature of cannabis research, citing the vast array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present in the plant. Unlike traditional pharmaceuticals focused on single compounds, cannabis offers a diverse spectrum of therapeutic components, making research and clinical trials challenging yet essential for advancing medical understanding. Real-World Evidence vs. Clinical Trials In evaluating the efficacy of cannabis-based treatments, Franjo stressed the importance of both real-world patient experiences and clinical trials. While clinical trials provide valuable scientific evidence, real-world data offer insights into individual patient responses and preferences. Franjo highlighted the need for a balanced approach, acknowledging the limitations and complexities inherent in studying cannabis as a medicine. Navigating Risks and Benefits As with any medication, Franjo emphasised the importance of assessing the risk-benefit profile of cannabis-based therapies. He discussed potential interactions with other medications, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic considerations, and contraindications such as allergic reactions and acute schizophrenia. Franjo underscored the importance of personalised medicine and informed decision-making in cannabis treatment. Looking Ahead In closing, Franjo shared his optimism for the future of medical cannabis research and patient care. He highlighted the evolving landscape of cannabis-based therapies, including innovations in delivery methods and the growing recognition of cannabis’ potential across various medical conditions. Franjo’s dedication to advancing cannabis medicine serves as a testament to the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and compassionate care in the field. Conclusion Franjo Grotenhermen’s insights offer a compelling glimpse into the complex and evolving world of medical cannabis. From his early advocacy efforts to his current role in shaping global cannabis research, Franjo’s journey exemplifies the transformative potential of cannabis as a medicine. As we navigate the intricacies of regulation, research, and patient care, Franjo’s dedication inspires us to embrace a nuanced understanding of cannabis and its role in modern healthcare. Thank you for joining us on this enlightening journey through the cannabis conversation. Stay tuned for more episodes exploring the diverse facets of the cannabis industry and its impact on our lives. For more content relating to the cannabis industry and top recruitment tips, check out our recent blogs and never miss the latest industry updates and insights by subscribing to The Lumino Newsletter. *Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in The Cannabis Conversation are those of the individuals interviewed and do not necessarily reflect the official policies or positions of Lumino.*

Germany Legalises Cannabis: What You Need to Know

Germany has legalised adult-use cannabis! But what does this actually mean? We’ve outlined the key facts below. On April 1, 2024, Germany will mark a historic milestone as it decriminalises limited cannabis possession, following the successful clearance of its final parliamentary hurdle at the Bundesrat.  Private Cultivation   Adults will be able to cultivate up to three cannabis plants for personal use. Possession Limits   The legislation allows adults to carry up to 25 grams of cannabis in public spaces, with an extension to 50 grams within the confines of private residences. Establishment of Cannabis Clubs   From July 1, cannabis clubs will be able to be established. These clubs, limited to 500 members each, will facilitate communal cultivation and consumption within regulated parameters. Membership in multiple clubs won’t be allowed. Individuals will be allowed to buy up to 25 grams per day, or a maximum 50 grams per month — a figure limited to 30 grams for under-21s.  Distribution and Regulation as Germany Legalises Cannabis for Adult Use   Non-commercial cultivation associations will play a pivotal role in distributing cannabis to adult members, ensuring responsible consumption through stringent quantity restrictions. State regulation will oversee the establishment and operation of these associations, striking a balance between accessibility and control. The act also imposes a ban on cannabis advertising, and restricts co-distribution with alcohol or other stimulants. Public Consumption Restrictions   Stringent regulations will govern public consumption, with designated no-go areas particularly in proximity to minors and public institutions. Additionally, the Federal Non-Smoker Protection Act will extend to include tobacco heaters, e-cigarettes, and cannabis-related products. Quality and Safety Controls   Licensed cultivation and state-monitored distribution channels will prioritise consumer safety and product quality, to provide safe and reliable cannabis products to consumers as Germany legalises cannabis for adult-use.  Prevention and Education Initiatives   The legislation emphasises the expansion of prevention and education initiatives, with increased services from the Federal Center for Health Education and specialised counselling services as Germany legalises cannabis. This investment in public health aims to promote informed consumption practices and mitigate potential risks associated with cannabis use. Amnesty for Cannabis-Related Offences   The new law includes provisions for an amnesty on cannabis-related offences that will no longer be illegal under the revised legislation. This initiative seeks to alleviate the burden on the judicial system and provide relief to affected individuals. Medical Cannabis Provision   While recreational cannabis is decriminalised, medical cannabis will still be available for patients under prescription. The removal of cannabis from the narcotic list aims to streamline the prescription process for physicians, pharmacists, and patients, ensuring continued access to therapeutic cannabis products. Keep an eye out for our upcoming insights as we delve deeper and go Behind the Headline, to find out what this means for those of us in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis News: The Czech Republic Proposes Legalisation Bill

As of late, the European cannabis industry has seen a wave of potential policy changes that have dominated cannabis news. The latest of which being in The Czech Republic, where there has been a shift in the conversation surrounding cannabis regulation, spearheaded by Jindřich Vobořil, the country’s anti-drug coordinator. As one of the early pioneers in legalising medical cannabis in 2013, this next step seeks to legalise recreational adult use in The Czech Republic. Here is our breakdown of the news and the wider context behind it. In short, Jindřich Vobořil has drafted two distinct versions of a bill aimed at regulating cannabis — one which proposes a fully-regulated, commercial market and the other which does not. This decision now rests with the Czech government, marking a critical juncture in the country’s approach to cannabis reform. The Czech Republic is the latest European country to signal a positive step in their approach to cannabis regulation, with Germany’s recent, noticeable potential changes in legislature drawing attention throughout the industry. There is an increasing appetite throughout the continent for governments to accept the public use of cannabis at some level and in the Czech Republic, industry leaders are working hard to convince both the government, and the public, that only a fully-legal, commercial model can ensure harm reduction and responsible consumption. Similar to what has been observed in other markets, the process of cannabis regulation in the Czech Republic has been unfolding gradually. The bill is expected to undergo its first official reading in the Chamber of Deputies by the middle of 2024. In essence, this timeline underscores the seriousness with which the Czech government is approaching cannabis reform, with the hopes of positioning the country as a leader in Europe’s evolving cannabis landscape. Initially, there was public outcry over the first draft of the bill, which left out any plans for a fully-regulated commercial market. As it seems however, this was an intentional move by policy-makers to apply pressure on opponents of the bill and highlight the public’s appetite for a fully-regulated, commercial model Subsequently, a second extended version of the bill, inclusive of plans for a commercial market, is now reportedly in preparation. With an array of strong opinions and outspoken leaders on all sides of the debate, the pending outcome on which bill, if any, will pass is far from certain. Even drawing any conclusions on what each bill will mean in practice can be difficult, as there are a range of factors at play and as we all know, this industry is fast-moving and dynamic. In conclusion, The Czech Republic finds itself at a turning point in their approach to cannabis regulation, caught in a wave of potential cannabis policy changes sweeping through Europe. The next few weeks will prove pivotal in The Czech Republic’s journey and may act as a signal to the rest of the continent. Nothing is certain right now, but one thing we know is the news coming out of Germany tomorrow (Friday 22 March, 2024) will drive much debate across Europe and vastly impact the Czech Republic’s direction, with the conversation around cannabis proving more and more significant to the general public. With an increasing number of active markets, and ever-evolving policies and regulations, it’s essential to stay in the loop. With our regular updates, you can! We aim to get ‘behind the headlines’, offering you genuine insight into the context behind cannabis news headlines. Keep an eye out for more cannabis insights from Lumino. Check out our recent blogs and never miss the latest industry updates and insights by subscribing to The Lumino Newsletter.

Cannabis News & Insights 2024 (Feb)

In this rapidly changing industry, adaptability is key. It is crucial to stay updated, embrace innovation, and be ready for the dynamic shifts. That is why we are sharing a series of regular cannabis insights, bringing you a concise round-up of the latest cannabis news. Our insights are designed to cut through the smoke and provide a succinct summary of movements within the cannabis space and beyond. Read on for our unbiased insights of recent canna news, and don’t forget to check out our list of unmissable cannabis events to add to your calendar. Cannabis News Round Up line spaci Malta’s First Legal Cannabis Club Begins Operating In a historic move, Malta has opened its first legal cannabis club, pioneering within the EU. Ensuring regulated access, the club strictly distributes cannabis to its members, implementing purchase limits for responsible consumption. This marks a pivotal step in Malta’s cannabis regulation, influencing other European nations. Check out the full article for more info. Bayer Pays $2.25 Billion After Using Roundup In a significant legal development, Bayer has paid $2.25 billion in response to claims linking Roundup to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This payout is part of a broader series of lawsuits challenging the safety of Roundup. While Bayer disputes the verdict, it emphasises regulatory support for Roundup’s safety on a global scale, contributing to the ongoing debate about its safety. UK Government Bans Disposable Vapes The UK government has implemented a crucial youth protection measure by banning disposable vapes, aiming to reduce youth vaping. This move also involves enhanced restrictions on vape flavours and packaging to deter appeal to children. With a dual focus on public health concerns and the environmental impact of vape waste, these regulations mark a significant step in safeguarding both the younger generation and the environment. Czechia’s Potential New Cannabis Laws Czechia is considering a significant regulatory reform that may introduce a regulated cannabis market, allowing for recreational use and personal cultivation. The proposal also includes the introduction of cannabis clubs to facilitate controlled consumption. With growing public and political support from various factions, this marks a potential shift towards cannabis legalisation in the country. Asia’s Legal Agenda 2023: Cannabis/CBD Control The legal landscape for cannabis and CBD is undergoing notable shifts in Asia in 2023, particularly in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan. These changes reflect diverse regulatory approaches to cannabis legislation across the region. Beyond legal nuances, the discussion delves into the broader implications of these shifts on rights and public health within Asian societies. Read more on TIME. German Cannabis Legalisation Coalition Agreement Germany takes a significant step toward cannabis legalisation as coalition factions reach an agreement on legislative progress. This marks a crucial development in the country’s ongoing efforts to shape cannabis policy. Now, attention turns to the response from wider legislative bodies and the public, anticipating their reactions to this noteworthy advancement. Read more on Zeit. Thailand: Is the Ban Coming? CEO of Thai Stick Co, Rehan Mehta discusses the evolving dynamics of Thailand’s cannabis industry and sheds light on the government’s regulatory approach and his optimistic outlook for the future. Discover how Thailand aims to professionalize and grow the industry responsibly, with the ambition of becoming internationally recognised for top-quality cannabis. Read the full article here. That was our round-up of the latest cannabis news from across the globe. With an increasing number of active markets, and ever-evolving policies and regulations, it’s essential to stay in the loop. With our regular updates, you can! Keep an eye out for more cannabis insights from Lumino. Want more content like this? Check out our recent blogs and never miss the latest industry updates and insights by subscribing to The Lumino Newsletter.

Weed Legalisation in Germany: Behind the Headlines

Weed legalisation in Germany has been a hot topic of conversation within the European cannabis industry and beyond for some time now. As companies in Germany already know, there has been a significant step in German cannabis law. There are differing opinions around the practicality and implications of this new legislation, with some celebrating, some protesting, and others uncertain where they stand. We’re going Behind the Headline to give you the facts and provide context as to what the new legislation means. As of March 2024, the Bundestag has approved the first pillar of a new cannabis law. The final vote resulted in 407 votes in favour and 226 against. This step toward decriminalisation permits private cannabis cultivation (3 plants per household) and the creation of nonprofit clubs for social cultivation, enabling members to access cannabis for recreational use. The law is expected to take effect on April 1 but additional steps are needed before implementation, including review by the Bundesrat, the upper house of Parliament, where it is noted that their ‘consent’ is not mandatory for the law to pass. The introduction of a Mediation Committee may also cause delays in the process. The approved legislation changes the legal status of cannabis in the country but lacks a complete framework for distributing and retailing adult-use cannabis. It sets possession limits and defines exceptions for legal possession and cultivation by individuals and social clubs. This legislative change in Germany represents a cautious approach to altering cannabis laws, with the intent to balance decriminalisation with regulatory control. The broader economic impact of these changes, particularly in the adult-use market, is anticipated to be limited, with new business opportunities mainly confined to ancillary activities related to cannabis clubs. This action is a step toward modernising German drug policy, but full cannabis legalisation, including a commercial supply chain for adult use, is still under future consideration. For more updates on cannabis legislation in Europe and beyond, make sure to check out our latest blogs and never miss the latest canna news, industry updates, and insights by subscribing to The Lumino Newsletter.

Cannabis Events You Need to Visit in 2024

Cannabis events are filling up our calendars more and more as the cannabis industry grows into new markets and expands globally. It is now more important than ever to be aware of movements in this ever-changing industry and at Lumino, we understand the crucial role of cannabis events in networking and getting a better picture of each market. With this in mind, we have compiled a round-up of the main events in the cannabis calendar for 2024. Hopefully we’ll see you there! CDays – Barcelona, Spain The third edition of CDays takes place on March 13, 2024. This event involves a series of talks and roundtables led by specialists from the cannabis industry, including Steve De Angelo discussing ‘Cannabis Entrepreneurship’, Jorge Cervantes talking everything ‘Cannabis Cultivation’, and Lumino’s own Nikita Cretu presenting ‘The Art of Headhunting’. Find out more and secure your place here. Spannabis – Barcelona, Spain Spannabis, the largest cannabis event in Europe, is taking place in Barcelona on March 15-17, 2024. With over 280 international exhibitors and 3,900+ professional guests across the three days, Spannabis makes a great addition to your cannabis calendar. You can find more info and get tickets here. Guests: 3,800 | Exhibitors: 280 Athen Cannabis Expo – Athens, Greece The Athens Cannabis Expo takes place from March 30-31 and aims to keep the public informed of innovations and products that are available in the cannabis space, as well as recent achievements in medical and industrial cannabis use. This event features companies from across the cannabis space, including genetics, vaporisers, CBD, and even cocktails! Get your tickets or learn more here. Guests: 1,000+ | Exhibitors: 100+ ICBC – Berlin, Germany From April 16-17, 2024, the International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin gathers influential political and business leaders in the context of cannabis policy and industry. Featuring some of the globe’s leading cannabis speakers and presenters, the ICBC is an important event for those looking to network and expand their knowledge in the cannabis space. Discover more and find tickets here. Guests: 5,000 | Exhibitors: 400+ CannaTrade – Zurich, Switzerland From May 24-26, CannaTrade Zurich takes place and involves a conference and a series of side events celebrating hemp and connecting the cannabis industry. Discover more about CannaTrade and get your tickets here. Guests: 500 (per day) | Exhibitors: 150+ GreenTech – Amsterdam, Netherlands GreenTech Amsterdam takes place from June 11-14, 2024 and brings together industry professionals from all over the world to connect, network, share knowledge, and do business. This event is useful or anyone interested in keeping up with the latest cannabis innovations or growing their network. Find out more here. Guests: 11,500 | Exhibitors: 500+ CB Club Amsterdam – Amsterdam, Netherlands In cooperation with GreenTech Amsterdam and others, the first edition of the CB Club Amsterdam will take place on June 11, with a focus on the Dutch pilot project (The Dutch Coffeeshop Experiment), and cannabis cultivation from both a medical and recreational perspective. To learn more about the CB Club or to get your tickets, click here. Mary Jane – Berlin, Germany Running from June 12-14, Mary Jane Berlin is a trade fair, vibrant festival, and networking space for industry pioneers and consumers. Mary Jane has been Germany’s leading hemp trade fair since 2016 and has become a staple in the European cannabis calendar. This year, Mary Jane will host guests at a new location at Messe Berlin. To join them, or find more details, click here. Guests: 30,000 | Exhibitors: 250 CB Club – Berlin, Germany On June 13 of this year, the CB Club networking event will offer a platform for exchanges and networking for new and existing companies, brands and services in the industry. The focus of this event is medical cannabis, the legalisation of cannabis, and CBD. This event is intimate by design and has mostly decision-makers and senior level management in attendance, making it a great addition to your calendar for anybody looking to grow their network and expand operations in the cannabis space. Find out more and buy tickets here. Cannabis Europa – London, UK Cannabis Europa takes place on June 25-26 in London and brings together leaders in business, policy and finance. With over 1,500 delegates in attendance, including influential political figures and business leaders from the cannabis industry, this event offers a great opportunity for anyone looking to expand their business in the European cannabis space and beyond. Discover more about Cannabis Europa and access tickets here. Guests: 1,500 | Exhibitors: 50 Product Earth – London, UK The UK’s longest-standing celebration of legal cannabis, natural medicines, and wellness has made a historic move to London this year for their biggest event to date, taking place from September 7-8. With a large range of exhibitors from across the globe, industry-leading speakers, and an array of different experiences, Product Earth is a top event for both businesses and consumers alike. There is something for everyone at this event. Get your tickets or learn more about Product Earth here. Guests: 5,000 | Exhibitors: 120+ CB Expo – Dortmund, Germany CB Expo will take place from September 19-21 and is an international B2B expo, conference and networking event. This event is a fantastic place to grow your network and delve into the latest innovations in the cannabis industry, with a large amount of exhibitors and guests in attendance. You can find out more or buy your tickets here. Guests: 2,000 | Exhibitors: 100 Medical Cannabis Europe Conference – Lisbon, Portugal The fourth edition of the Medical Cannabis Europe Conference takes place this year and brings together a large range of guests and speakers from varying areas of the cannabis industry. This conference features leading experts in the medical cannabis space from across the world and is the perfect place to clarify any information regarding regulation in the European cannabis industry and beyond. The date is yet to be announced but to learn more, you can visit their site here. Guests: 200 | Speakers: 30 Asia International Hemp Exo – […]

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8 tips on recruiting from homeBuilding the right team in emerging or turbulent markets can be tough, especially during the current state of play! With self-isolation in full effect across the country, many companies have shifted operations to working f…

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